Princeton High School Clubs

Below is a list of clubs at Princeton High School as of September 1. 2017. For additional information about clubs, contact Ms. Lygas. 

Anime Club

No expertise in Anime required just a desire to have fun! We get a preview of new animes and go to related events together. All are welcome.

Aquarium Club

Do you like fish and marine life? We are a group of fish and aquarium enthusiasts who maintain small tanks throughout PHS in classrooms approved by teachers.

Asian American Club

The Asian American club welcomes people of all races, all ethnicities and all nationalities. Members of AAC partake in organized events like laser tag, bowling, ice skating, buffet outings plus and end-of-year BBQ. A major activity is the Asian Fest, which we organize, that is held every spring.

Badminton Club

We meet one a week to play badminton together in the old gym. All gear will be provided. This club welcomes people of all skill levels. New members will be able to experience the thrill of badminton!

Baking Club

Join the baking club is you love baking and want to meet other bakers at PHS! We hold bake sales in school, group baking sessions, and donate the profit to a charity or foundation decided up at the beginning of the year.

Bill Nye Club

This club is to spread awareness of the decreasing science funding in the government. Over decades, science funding has been decreasing steadily. Without the funding we would not have smart phones, computer, and more.

Blow:Water PHS

We are working with Blood:Water foundation to help the HIV/AIDS and clean water crisis in Africa. We participate in Bake Sales and other fund raisers to raise money for our cause.

Boys II Meme

Anyone is welcome to meet for lunch while we chill, share memes, and tell funny stories to release the stress of the school day.

Business and Economics Club (Euro Challenge)

Business and Economics Club is for students interested in macro and microeconomics. We hold tryouts for the Euro Challenge, National Econ Challenge, and Harvard Econ Challenge each year.


This club is an extension of the out-of-school program called Young Life. It is a Christian youth group.

Chem Club

ChemClub invites, motivates, and encourages high school students to explore the many ways that chemistry connects to their world. The environment is engaging yet noncompetitive, and no prior knowledge in chemistry is needed! We will be doing fun chemistry activities throughout the year that you might never experience just in the classroom.

Chinese Club

ACSSPHS is open to everyone who has an interest in learning Chinese or Chinese culture. We provide an environment that can help students learn more about Chinese language and culture. We often provide free food and free boba milk tea during the meeting. You will en joy your time in ACSSPHS!

Christianity Club

We are Princeton High Schools Christianity Club! We are a club designed to talk about the word of God and help out our community, anyone is welcome to join.

Club Soda Club

Great club where we have a good time and drink some free club Soda. We listen to some great tunes while chilling in the front lawn or inside if the weather isn't great. 

Club Sweet

This club will enhance members' knowledge of sweets Members will be able to learn about different varieties of chocolate and other sweets. Members will also learn about healthy alternatives.

Comic Book Club

We read and discuss sequential art, comics, and graphic literature in an academic environment.

Comedy Club

We tell jokes sometimes. If you want to tell some jokes, come to this club. 

Computer and Robotics Club

CRC meets to collaborate on software and hardware projects as well as compete in robotics competitions. Additionally, CRC 3D prints all sorts of things and often participates in hackathons, CTFs, and other computer science competitions. In the past, CRC has built a 3D printer and a NFC-enabled LED matrix display.

Current Events Club

Are you interested in current events? Please join our thought-provoking discussions. 

Dance Club

The Princeton High School Dance Club is a gathering of people who have a passion for dancing. You will be having fun in an environment full of music, and will be able to learn different styles including breakdancing, Latin dancing, Bollywood, fusion and classical dancing.

Detective Club

Do you love mystery? Have an interest in subjects involving law enforcement? Then PHS Detective Club is the place to be. Join us today! We meet once a week at break.

Ebru Club

One of the most unique and beautiful forms of Turkish art is Ebru, or water marbling. Ebro is formed by drawing designs with dye on top of water, and then carefully placing paper on the surface of the water in order to absorb the dye. It is a way of relaxing by having fun and learning to be patient. In this club we will learn Ebru techniques, listen to Sufi music and create our unique dye.


Our club is focused on providing aid to communities near by, and helping end the cause of childhood hunger. New members are encouraged to visit. We have leadership positions open.

Engineering Club

The PHS engineering Club is a club that does not specialize in only one type, but in multiple types of engineering. We do everything from competitions to field trips so come join us!

Entrepreneurship Club

The PHS Entrepreneurship Club is new take on the traditional Entrepreneurship Club concept. We will hold monthly meetings, or more if needed, to discuss and foster actual entrepreneurial endeavors. We hope to host a "Shark Tank Night" every Spring at PHS.

Environmental Club

PHS Environmental Club is a club meant to raise awareness throughout the school and Princeton/Cranbury community about the environment. We will focus on making the school and community a more sustainable, help ourselves and our peers understand the state of our planet and how we can work to reduce our ecological footprint, and organize a variety of fun activities geared towards everyone.

Ethical Eating Club

The Ethical Eating Club is a group which actively promotes a vegan and vegetarian lifestyle and works to spread awareness of these principles! In meetings we discuss nutrition, recipes, and common ethical dilemmas in the food industry. We love addressing any questions regarding animal treatment and land degradation, though the majority of our meetings are focused on sharing recipes and making new friends!

Fashion Forward

Fashion forward is not the typical street fashion club -- we are looking for members ready to create new and original designs to be photographed and brought to life in monthly or bi-monthly zines (mini magazines)!

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Our club serves as a time to reflect on our faith and how it relates to our lives as athletes. All denominations are welcome!

Feminism Club

We are a group of intersectional feminists looking for provide a safe space for like-minded people interested in activism initiatives.

Filmmaking Club

In this club we work on different film projects. Anything from full length movies to short films to documentaries or music videos. Also we will occasionally hold training sessions for those who wish to learn more about the art of filmmaking.

Future Doctors of American Club

The goal of this club is to bring together students with the same goal of being excepted into a high quality medical school to discuss what we are each doing to prepare ourselves to be accepted into our dream colleges. 

General Entertainment Club

this club offers general entertainment and provides choices t do various things, like playing board games, video games, and watching movies. There may be more entertainment in the future as the club grows.

Generation 1

Are you the first generation of your family to TK.

Geography Club

We are a group of students who share an interest in geography. We meet every Tuesday and play geography games, give presentations on world cultures, talk about world politics, and learn about the geography of the world. We organize the school's World Culture Festival and have foreign culture, food, and movie nights for club members. You do NOT have to be good at geography to join!

Girl Up

This club is part of the Girl Up campaign (started by the United Nations) to help girls in developing countries get the opportunities they deserve through fundraising and raising awareness.

History Bowl

We are a team of students who practice for and compete at three History Bowl and Bee tournaments throughout the year, ending with Nationals in the spring. If you love history and would like to put your knowledge to the test, come join one of our six teams!

Horticulture Club

Do you love plants? PHS is home to beautiful indoor and outdoor plants. Come join us for an opportunity to learn how to grow and nurture beautiful plant life. No experience necessary!

Indian Club

Our club explores the various parts of Indian Culture including clothes, food, music and more! We aim to host many fun events such as Holi, Diwali, and a Bollywood Movie Night. Join our great club to learn about the complex culture of India. All are warmly welcomed!

Investment Club

The PHS Investment Club will participate in the Knowledge at Wharton High School Investment Challenge held January - April 2017. We will hold weekly meetings just before and during that time, usually on Mondays.

The Ivy

We are PHS's arts and literary magazine. We collect submissions of poetry, short stories, paintings, sculptures, sketches, and many other media and make a beautiful magazine to showcase our school's talent. You don't have to be an artist to be part of The Ivy; it is a great club for people interested in art, publications, technology, business, and/or public relations. 

Jane Austen Club

the Jane Austen club operates like a book club, with particular attention to renowned english author Jane Austen and her contemporaries. We met to discus Austen's novels and as well as writings influential to her career and time period. We also run activities relating to the enduring impact Austen has had in pop culture. No prior knowledge of Austen's work is needed--come to have fun and engage with peers who share your literary passion.

Japanese Club

Our mission is to celebrate and spread Japanese culture in the Princeton community. Activities include eating Japanese food, participating in Japanese traditions and activities, and learning about the rich culture of Japan. We also partake in the Asian Fest, along with the Asian American Club, the Korean Club, the PHS Anime Club, and PHS Chinese and Japanese classes.

Junior State of America

We foster nonpartisan debate and discussion in an inclusive and welcoming manner. We discuss current events, politics, and other world issues as well as attending three overnight conventions where hundreds of other engaged high school students come to debate a wide range of issues.

Kan Jam Klub

A new club designed to be fun and do good. Learn how to throw a frisbee and get it in the Kan every time! Our club will give you some outdoor time while helping those in need with our canned food drive and other community service activities.

Kasa Klub

Kasa (cah-sa) means voice in Twi. The goal and mission of this club is to give voice to members from PHS who want to talk about issues of race/identity. We will use meetings to create opportunities for leadership through dialogue and facilitated discussions. We will work to create mentoring programs for students in the PPS system who want to be educated and develop competencies for multicultural awareness and transformative practice.

Korean Club

The Korean Club will help spread the culture of Korea. You will be able to experience the traditional and popular culture which includes food, language and other fun stuff!

Latin Club

If you like Latin, history, the classics, mythology, or just a nice room to drink tea in, then Latin Club is right for you. We are an all inclusive group of Latin nerds who bond over Ovid and making large quantities of pasta!

Literature Club

As a group, we will read and discuss literature ranging across many genres. Each month we will read a different selection and discuss. No literature expertise required just a desire to discuss books.

Martial Arts

Athletes of all experience levels are welcome to join this club. Come talk taekwondo, judo, kung fu, and everything else with us. If you've ever been curious about self defense, hand to hand combat, weapons training, or any other aspect of any martial art, come and kick it with a few of PHS' enthusiasts!

Math Team

We are an academic club that competes in math contests including the Princeton University Math Competition (PUMaC), Harvard MIT Math Tournament (HMMT), and American Math Competition (AMC). No specific high school math course is required. We welcome students of all backgrounds and experience to join!

Model United Nations

Model UN is an exciting club that delves into the intricacies of international relations and world affairs. We attend conferences hosted by universities throughout the year and debate topics and write resolutions surrounding the issues, both past and present, of our world. Stepping into the shoes of diplomats, Model UN is a fun, stimulating activity!

Numina Gallery

Ars Numina Est (Art is a Sacred Space). We are the school's student run art gallery! We meet once a week, Wednesday's during break at the Gallery (next to the Tech office). We collect art from professional and student artists and put it up in the gallery in the form of a professional exhibit (we do not necessarily make the art). You do NOT have to be artistic to join, you just have to have a love for art! Stop by if your interested. 

Odyssey of the Mind

Odyssey of the Mind is a creative problem solving club that combines engineering and performing arts. Members create an eight minute show to accompany an engineering solution to a problem that includes costumes, set, and an emphasis on recycling materials. The team competes in Regional, State, and World competitions.

Oxfam Club at PHS

Oxfam is a confederation of many international charities that work together to end poverty through fighting injustice. The charity as a whole works on the various aspects of poverty, such as providing clean water and aiding in natural disasters. In addition, they believe strongly in empowering women and girls in the workforce, as well as everyone taking part in what controls their future. With Oxfam, every helping hand helps to take a stand.


The Paintbrush is a club where any student can come to. The purpose is to organize more appointments of painting murals or making sculptures around town or be displayed in gallerias, and to help create student-drawn logos to print on merchandise for the student clubs or outside companies for promotion, and raise enough money to donate to charity with our creations.

Pen in a Box

Pen in a Box is a charitable organization that aims towards donating new and used school supplies to underprivileged children in countries like Nigeria, Mexico, and Kazakhstan. Members are encouraged to join because we hold fun fundraisers to raise school supplies and money. We want to make sure the resources needed for an education are available to everyone!

PHS Democrats

This is the group for Princeton High School Democrats! Our club aims to promote political discussion, community awareness and youth participation in Democratic Campaigns. 

PHS Forum

PHS Forum is a group committed to exploring current issues involving US foreign policy, economics, political science, and jurisprudence. Each month, a book by a Princeton University professor or a community member will be selected and discussed at monthly meetings and examined through a lecture and Q&A session with its author or by attending a Princeton University public lecture. 

PHS Gender and Sexuality Alliance

This is a safe space for LGBTQ+ youth and our allies to discuss, hold events, and spread the rainbow. 

PHS iLaunch

PHS iLaunch is a club that aims to teach students how do develop iOS applications. We teach the computer language of Swift, and walk students through the process of creating and publishing their ideas for an app to the app store.

Physics Club

We will participate in physics contests such as the Princeton University Physics Competition (PUPC), F=ma Physics Olympiad, and Physics Bowl. We welcome everyone to join!

Ping Pong Club

This club provides the ability to play other members in a game of ping pong, matched to your skill level and to help you improve. We want to improve your abilities as a player and provide you with the means for competition.

Poetry Club

This club is for the discussion of poetic literature created by the members of the club, as well as entering poetry into contests, competitions and exhibitions. No poetry-writing experience necessary just an interest in poetry.

The Prince

Welcome to the yearbook! We are a dedicated group and we can use your skills if you are interested in photography, writing, design or any aspect of yearbook. No experience required. All welcome.

Red Cross Club

Red Cross is an organization that provides emergency assistance, disaster relief, and education inside the United States. Our goal is to fundraise and raise awareness in the community to help Red Cross come closer to achieving their goal.

Republican Club

Weekly meeting for individuals in the school who are like minded in politics and together would like to discuss current events and voice individual opinions to a broader group.

SAVE Animal Club

Do you love animals? We raise money for the local animal shelter in Montgomery. We also raise awareness about the shelter and volunteer there as often as we can.

Science Bowl

Science Bowl is an academic quiz bowl team that meets two times a week for practices. It is a competitive group that participates in the NJ States Science Bowl Competition as well as hosting invitationals at PHS each year.

Science Olympiad

Science Olympiad is an academic club that competes with other schools in an "event" format. We attend three to five competitions a year and prepare for over 20 events in all fields of science — earth science, biology, chemistry, physics, and engineering. We welcome all grades and levels of experience to join!


The SiSTEM club is a group of high school girls involved in the STEM fields that are dedicated to encouraging girls in the subjects of science, technology, mathematics, and engineering. Our goals are to spread community awareness of the deficit of women in these areas and support girls in the district interested in these fields.

Space Club

The night sky is full of mystery and wonder just begging to be uncovered. If you're tired of just seeing them as white dots in the sky, come on down and get educated!

Spectacle Theatre

Princeton High School Spectacle Theatre focuses on helping advance drama throughout PHS. This club exists to appreciate the theatre and all the work that needs to be done to create a show. Spectacle Theatre works to bring all four of the major performances during the school year to life through costumes, make-up, advertising, ticketing, props and tech.

Speech and Debate Team

We practice and compete in a variety of events, ranging from individual and two-on-two debates to humorous sketches and dramatic readings. If you're interested in argumentation, philosophy, performance, research, or current events, this is the team for you.


Spork is Princeton High School's food and dining magazine! The editors, writers,
photographers, and designers of Spork are united by one common interest: the love of food. Spork's mission is to share that passion with the students of PHS. Our method of delivery: a glossy, full-color, 16-page magazine, overflowing with photos, words, and illustrations that convey our devotion to food.

Strategy Game Club

Do you like proving to a table of people that you've outsmarted them? Do you really like winning? Or do you just like playing board games? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, strategy game club is right for you. We play games that force you to make decisions that have consequences, like party, card and board games. If you're interested in coming but have little experience, we'll teach you! Join the Facebook Group for updates.

Strength and Conditioning Club

Training in the off-season? Trying to improve your fitness? Come workout with the Strength and Conditioning Club in the PHS weight room! All are welcome! Members may use the weight room during open hours. Each week, we will learn specific lifts: squat, benchpress, deadlift, etc. Learn to lift safely and properly! Plus, some fund-raisers to upgrade our equipment.

Super Smash Bros Club 

In this club, we play Super Smash Brothers Melee for the Nintendo GameCubeâ„¢ and other Super Smash Brothers games. We meet after school on Wednesdays and at break on Fridays. TVs and setups will be provided.

Ted-Ed Club

Ted-ed club at PHS is one of over 3,000 throughout the world. We meet at break, and discuss different ideas. We also focus on giving our own Ted talks, and watching them! We plan to hold a Tedx event at the end of the year, and hope to go to as many TED events as possible!

Theology Club

Are you spiritual and looking for a belief system that fits you? Are you interested in the role of religions in the shaping of world history? Or, are you not spiritual but curious about the ideologies that guide societies? At Theology Club, we study and compare world and regional religions through analysis of scripture, academic literature and contemporary sources, and examine the roles of these belief systems in the context of current events. 

The Tower

Interested in contributing to PHS's award-winning student-run newspaper? The Tower welcomes all interested writers, artists, photographers, and copy editors. Join for a fun time, a valuable experience, and a chance to meet new people!

Urban Arts Club

A club dedicated to education about the Urban Arts. A modern day Harlem Renaissance. He club will focus on production and history of these arts.

Ultimate Frisbee Club

Ever see a group of kids out on the front lawn playing Ultimate Frisbee? That's us! A great alternative to school sports, our club is for students of all interest levels and allows them to join the frisbee team that plays in different state tournaments throughout the year.

The UNICEF Project

This project aims to promote awareness and participation in working towards achieving UNICEF™s goal of having ZERO preventable child deaths worldwide. UNICEF is an intergovernmental organization that addresses the needs of women and children in developing nations. This project aims to provide volunteer opportunities in which kids may participate in car washes,  guest presentations, and the UNICEF Tap Project.

Waksman Club

Waksman Club is a branch of Rutgers™ Waksman Student Scholars Program that allows high school students to conduct molecular biology research in an inclusive and non-competitive setting. You will learn about and perform various lab techniques, and ultimately, you will have the opportunity to publish your clone sequence and present your work at a poster session in Rutgers University. (Not available to freshmen)

Writing Club

This club is for people to have fun with writing and to learn more about whether or not writing is for them through writing games and exercises. Members may also give each other constructive critiques on any writing projects they have.


At PHS, we are incredibly fortunate to be receiving an amazing education; however, education isn't a right everywhere, it's a fortune. With Pennies for Peace, we will work to help provide education to girls in Central Asia who are financially unable to attend school. We will put together fundraisers and events to help raise money for all of our girls worldwide!