How To Register Your Child for School

To register your child in the Princeton Public School District, you will need to complete our online registration forms.  If you do not have access to a computer, please visit your child's school or the Princeton Public Library to access the online registration.

After completing the online registration forms, you will need to sign the Eligibility for Registration Formand bring proof of residency, your child's birth certificate or passport, and their medical and immunization records to your child's school. Your child will not be officially registered in our district until you have completed this step.

Pre-School and Kindergarten Registration

To be eligible for Preschool for the 2018-2019 school year, a child must be four years of age on or before October 1, 2018. To be eligible for kindergarten for the 2018-2019 school year, a child must be five years of age on or before October 1, 2018. 

If you have questions, please contact your elementary school directly. 

Dual Language Immersion (DLI)
Opportunity for District Kindergartners

Princeton Public Schools offers Dual Language Immersion (DLI) Classes at Community Park School.  We are happy to announce that we were able to open the program at Community Park to all district incoming Kindergartners this year.  Spots are still available and registration is open. 

In Dual Language Immersion classrooms, students spend half of the day learning core academic subjects in Spanish with a Spanish-speaking teacher and the other half of the day learning in English with an English-speaking teacher.  The goals of a dual language education are for all students to develop high levels of language proficiency and literacy in both languages, to demonstrate high levels of academic achievement, and to develop an appreciation for and an understanding of diverse cultures.  Currently, students who attend a DLI class in Kindergarten can continue in this model through fifth grade.  There are plans to design a DLI or Advanced Language program for students learning in a DLI model as they enter middle school.

If you are interested in learning more about the Dual Language Immersion program at Community Park School for your incoming Kindergartner, please call Ms. Chris Tollefsen, School Registrar for Community Park School at (609) 806 – 4203.

For more information, you may also directly contact: 

Annie Kosek, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction

Dineen Gruchacz, Principal, Community Park School

Priscilla Russel, Supervisor of World Languages and Dual Language Immersion

What School Will My Child Attend?

Our four elementary schools are neighborhood-based, so where you live determines which school your child will attend. Please review our Residency Manual to see which elementary school your address is zoned for. 

If your student is in grades 6-8, your child will attend John Witherspoon Middle School. 

Students in grades 9-12 will attend Princeton High School. 

If you have questions, please contact your child's school:

Community Park School (CP)

Johnson Park School (JP)

Littlebrook School (LB)

Riverside School (RS)

John Witherspoon Middle School (JW)

Princeton High School (PHS)

Proof of Residency

All students must be properly domiciled (live in Princeton) in Princeton to attend the Princeton Public Schools. Students who are not residents will be charged full tuition. Individuals who knowingly violate this state law may be referred to law enforcement officials to determine whether intentional fraud has occurred. 

Please read our full residency requirements to attend district schools.

The parent/guardian of any registering student must provide residency documentation as follows:

Type of Residency 


One Primary Document

  • Tax Bill (confirm “dwelling” indicated on bill, not just land)
  • Closing Statement OR Agreement of Sale (confirm “dwelling” or “house”)

Two Secondary Documents (with address listed)

  • Property Tax bill
  • Any utility bill
  • Any Insurance Documents
  • Pay Stub
  • Car Registration


* = Update annually 
** = Other proofs not required

One Primary Document

  • Official Lease with expiration date*
  • University Housing Letter**
  • Seminary Housing Letter**
  • Notarized Affidavit of Residence (renting with no Lease - requires in-person registration)

Two Secondary Documents

  • Secondary documents can be provided by a renter and/or landlord


 One Primary Document

  • Notarized Affidavit of Residence* (living with family/friend or homeless)

Two Secondary Documents

  • Person providing Affidavit must provide documents listed above

Requesting a Different School Placement

If you believe your child should be placed in a different school, please contact your school's office. Applications for each school year will be reviewed in August after school enrollments for the year can be projected with some degree of accuracy. Requests may be granted for extenuating circumstances or for a history of problems in which the safety and welfare or social adjustment of a student is considered to be paramount. You will receive written notice of the decision in mid-August. 

Required Health Forms

Please complete the required health forms before the start of the school year. 

Immunization Requirements 

Please review the New Jersey Department of Health Immunization Guide for the minimum required number of vaccine doses (shots) that children must have in order to attend a New Jersey public school. 

All students must be age-appropriately vaccinated for the grade they are entering. The New Jersey Department of Health recommends following the immunization schedule listed on the CDC website

Tuberculosis Test 

If you are moving to the United States from another country, please check with your school nurse to see if you will need a TB test.  

Physical Exam Requirements

All kindergarteners, 3rd, 6th, 9th and 11th graders, and all new students entering the district are required to have physical exams by a primary care physician. You must have your physician complete the Physical Exam Form - PHS/JW and/or Physical Exam Form - Elementary. Physical exam reports from up to one year prior to the student's start date will be accepted. If you are moving to the United States and want to participate in a school sport, you must have a physical in the U.S.