9th - 12th Grade Curriculum 

Students at Princeton High School are offered classes to advance their knowledge, sharpen their skills, explore opportunities, and discover interests and passions. In addition to required courses, a variety of elective courses are offered, including courses on racial literacy, drama, video production, world religions, and computer program. A wide array of Advanced Placement classes are also available to students, including in world languages, English, math, science, and history.


Every student must be scheduled for a minimum of 30 credits per year. To meet graduation requirements, students must take:
Language Arts Literacy20 credits 
Mathematics15 credits
Lab Science15 credits
U.S. History10 credits 
World History & Cultures5 credits 
World Language5 credits (15 is recommended)
Physical Education & Health4 credits each year
Visual and Performing Arts5 credits 
Financial, Economic, and Entrepreneurial Literacy2.5 credits 
21st Century Life & Careers5 credits 
In 10th grade, students are also required to participate in a career awareness and community service. 

Program of Study

To see all courses offered at Princeton High School, please review our PHS Program of Study.