Our English and Language Arts programs are designed to foster an appreciation of diverse literature, cultures, and ideas while improving students’ basic reading and writing skills. Students explore in great depth canonical selections of literature, a wide array of genres, and a variety of nonfiction texts.  The study of diverse literature helps students grow as global thinkers as they learn to recognize and understand the interconnectedness of our world. Teachers place a strong emphasis on appreciation of and respect for literature and the array of people and cultures that each text represents. 

Through Language Arts and English classes, students gain skills of inference, analysis, evaluation, and synthesis. As students progress in their studies, they are expected to provide details and examples in their writing to back up assertions, opinions and interpretations of the works they study, noting the crucial role that history and culture play in literature. 

By engaging students in creative and diverse activities and opportunities to develop as readers, writers, and communicators, we seek to empower our young people to become more independent and empathetic learners. A major goal of the Language Arts program is to cultivate in students intellectual curiosity and inquiry while helping students draw connections to other academic studies and to their personal lives. Students ultimately acquire the skills to move beyond superficial responses and to instead ask questions about what they have learned that will deepen their knowledge and understanding of literature and our world.


​Keisha Smith-Carrington, Supervisor of Language Arts for Pre-Kindergarten to 8th grade
609.806.4270 x 5620

TBD, Supervisor of Language Arts for grades 9-12
609.806.4280 x 3620